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gallery/mikeb duchess
gallery/dave's nlr
gallery/060 yellow grille
gallery/cliff army day
gallery/daves 37
gallery/mikeb 58a
gallery/dave gregory1
gallery/dave gregory2
gallery/dave g.trojan
gallery/mike b. foxcote

Mike's Foxcote Manor

gallery/brian b1 a

Brian - B1

gallery/dave b ajax
gallery/john black 5

Dave B - Ajax

John F - Black 5

Ajax - cab (Note the remote controls on the regulator & whistle)

Black 5 - cab

gallery/ajax front

Ajax - front

B1- cab

Steve - 9f

Mike - Duchess

These are some of the locos and models our members own, many have been built by the members.

Please click on a picture to enlarge.

gallery/dick - king

Dick - King Richard 1

gallery/john f cab
gallery/black 5 front

Black 5 - Front

gallery/king front

King cab

gallery/b1 cab
gallery/brian front

B1 front

gallery/dave nlr front

Dave W. Class 67

Class 67 Front

Bobs Western. (note the name as original)

Western other side (note the name as original)

gallery/cliff ivor
gallery/cliff front

Cliff,s Ivor

Ivor Front

gallery/dave w 0-6-0
gallery/dave w front

Dave W. 0-6-0

0-6-0 Front

gallery/dick imec
gallery/dick front

Dick,s Hymec

Hymec Front

gallery/graham class 37
gallery/graham front

Grahams Class 37

Class 37 Front

gallery/john s 0-6-0
gallery/john s front

John S. 0-6-0

0-6-0 Front

gallery/mike b ruston
gallery/mike b ruston front

Mike B. Ruston

Ruston Front

gallery/pete class 59
gallery/pete class 59 front

Petes Class 59

Class 59 Front

gallery/pete neptune
gallery/pete nep front

Petes Neptune 4 twin bogie

Neptune Front

gallery/john warship
gallery/kevin class 31

John F. Warship

Kevins Class 31

gallery/m bass 66

Mike Bass, Class 66

John F. Sentinel

Sentinel Boiler

Cliffs  Army train

gallery/dave diesel trojan
gallery/ben modified jupiter2

Bens modified AME Jupiter 2

Dave G, Diesel Trojan

Dave G, Outline steam Trojan

gallery/ajax cab