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...was founded in 1972 by a group of model engineers who wished to establish a miniature railway, eventually they were offered use of land and facilities at The Phoenix School in Horsehay, Telford (hence the name of the Society). 
A track was built by the members and some of the pupils over a period of time, but, due to rising rental and increased vandalism the members decided that a different location was needed. 
In around 1994 arrangements were completed with The Telford Steam Railway for "The Phoenix" to reside on a parcel of their unused land on the condition that the models were run for passenger carrying on their "Special Days and the last Sunday in the month between Easter and the end of September" .
Work began by removing the standard gauge track and sleepers from the cutting and filling it in, then the track from the school was laid in it's new home.
 Much work has been carried out over the years but it is nowhere near finished, all our revenue from passenger carrying is ploughed straight back into the project and improvements are always being made.


We extend our thanks to The Telford Steam Trust for allowing us the use of their land for the purposed of our railway and club-house