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A selection of our members steam locos outside our Carriage shed

These pages updated Sunday 5th July 2020

Due to restrictions placed by HM Government as a result of The Coronavirus outbreak our track will remain closed until further notice.


It is looking very doubtful that we will be able to carry passengers this year, you may see trains on the track from early this month but social distancing means no passenger carrying for the present time as the track is only open to members.

At last we are able to continue with the upgrades we started earlier in the year, you may see members at work around the track but only members are permitted to enter through the gate.




There is one fare of

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for all passengers

The famous Ironbridge

Built by Abraham Darby and completed in 1779, it opened to traffic in 1801.

It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a part of Telford & Wrekin Borough. -->

We weren't idle over the period from last September to March this year

New guttering has been fitted to our station

The trackbed has been laid for a new link from the inner track to the outer

New fencing and signage has been fitted in the platform area

Trackbed laid for new sidings from the new link